UKMMA are a 100% Non-Profit Organisation and are working to support the registered charity Orphans In Need.

About Orphans in Need

There are more than 140 million orphans across the globe. Many of these are left to struggle and fend for themselves with little or no support. They face a daily battle against poverty, starvation, illiteracy and sexual abuse; a battle which is near impossible for them to win alone.

Orphans in Need was set up to achieve a vision of an ideal world, a world where all orphan children grow up in a loving and caring environment, where they are encouraged to realise their full potential.

Every child is given the opportunity to build their lives through holistic care which includes the provision of education, shelter, food, clothing, skills training and healthcare – empowering children to live their lives in dignity and to make a positive change to the world around them.

Profits from UKMMA will provide hope for a better tomorrow for orphans around the globe.

Please visit www.orphansinneed.org for more information about Orphans in Need projects and other ways you can help.