UKMMA is an exciting and revolutionary concept to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the UK.
MMA is a real phenomenon and a continuation of classic combat sports, such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Taekwondo and others. The commercial success of MMA events has been exceptional. MMA has proven to be exciting, totally unpredictable and often brutal with events getting bigger and more popular.
Our launch of the UKMMA championship is a result of the demand for technical development of the sport and has already attracted a high level of talented competitors and media coverage. Our objective is to provide and showcase mixed martial arts in the UK to a wider audience by creating a more family friendly environment. Our policy will firstly ensure the safety of all athletes and secondly encourage technical displays of martial arts.
UKMMA as a concept is different from other events and shows. Here’s why…

1) Our rules are different, we allow no strikes to the face/head. This helps avoid the risk of injury. We are aware injury can still occur and as such, constantly remind the competitors of the need to display technical ability to outscore opponents.

2) All competitors are vetted prior to entry, this allows us to assess skill and mind-set of those that wish to compete. If we deem that someone is unsuitable due to either not being able to adapt to our rules or displays signs of disrespect and careless-ness they are not allowed to enter.

3) All the competitors selected have to attend a training day. Most will train with each other, even those they are competing with on the night. This helps us to try to eliminate the “attitude” that fighters sometimes try to ferment against opponents and understand instead the importance of technical display.

4) The environment of our show is family friendly. We don’t allow the sale or consumption of alcohol. This helps eliminate disruption that can be caused and indeed has been caused at other MMA shows. We don’t allow any nudity or tolerate explicit music. We hope this will allow younger generations to become more interested and begin their journey into mixed martial arts.

5) All UK MMA shows are 100% non profit. All sales and proceeds will go to a UK registered charity. The competitors and spectators are reminded of this to encourage them to understand the nature of the show.

6) So far, we have found that the show has attracted people from certain Geographical regions in the UK and ethnic backgrounds. However, our show is open to all white, black, brown, yellow, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Atheist etc. We do not claim to represent any one community, race or religion.

UKMMA events are, in short, open to all athletes who are agree to adhere to our rules and code of conduct.